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Industrial wood stoves ECO POL

Industrial wood stoves ECO POL

Industrial wood stoves ECO POL


Industrial ECO POL wood stoves are designed for heating with hot air in industrial, agricultural and livestock sectors.
The computer features a powerful warm air fan spreads the heat in the room where the computer is installed with possibility of channeling air into other rooms.
Its use allows a significant energy savings, especially in industries that have waste wood thus obtaining a heating system with an energy cost of zero.
The range consists of two models 50 and 100 kW heat output.
Main characteristics:
- 80% higher yields.
- Manufactured in thick steel.
- Home large capacity combustion.
- Home interior in refractory bricks to avoid overheating in the areas most exposed to fire.
- Grate combustion in high temperature resistant steel.
- Damper applied to the flue.
- Large ash collection drawer.
- Reversible air fan left or right hand.
- Voltage supply 230V / I / 50Hz.
- Your constructively greatly facilitates maintenance and cleaning.

- Equipment with CE certificate.

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