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Inverted flame boilers 30-35-50 kW- - GASELLE BASIC

Inverted flame boilers 30-35-50 kW- - GASELLE BASIC

Inverted flame boilers 30-35-50 kW- - GASELLE BASIC


Boilers with inverted flame wood and aspirated gasification for heating in ACS heating and / or production circuits.
Its excellent performance of 86.5% has been achieved by applying a large vertical exchanger and inverted flame combustion that maximizes the heating power of the wood.
The boiler incorporates a smoke extractor to create a correct depression of the gases inside the equipment and transmit the maximum heat to the water that circulates inside the boiler.
The loading of firewood is carried out by an upper front door where a large combustion hearth is accessed which allows us to accommodate a large amount of firewood and to extend the time between two loads, with an autonomy of up to 5 hours provided the conditions are (type of firewood, humidity, boiler capacity appropriate to the installation, etc.).

Cleaning is another of the main features of the GASELLE BASIC, access to the heat exchanger is as simple as lifting the top rear cover and with a barbed brush, supplied as standard, scraping the inside of the pipes in order to remove incrustations that diminish the performance of the equipment. The ashes, produced by the combustion, are deposited in the lower part of the boiler where it is accessed by a door already enabled.

We must remember that the installation of the boiler requires an inertia accumulator (25 liters / kW) to take advantage of 100% of the energy and install a safety valve to prevent overheating of the water inside the boiler.
The boiler supply is composed of:
- Base boiler - Electronic board - Instruction manual - Cleaning accessories - CE certificate.

- Equipment highly recommended for its performance, simple installation, easy cleaning and maintenance.
- High performance heat exchanger.
- Burner in cast iron based on refractory cement resistant to high temperatures.
- Large combustion hearth for greater autonomy of operation between two loads.
- Combustion chamber and exchanger made of high temperature resistant steel.
- Thermal insulation to prevent heat loss.
- Equipment with CE certificate and compliance with EN 303-5.
- Possibility of applying a pellet burner in the future.

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