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Pellet stoves and biomass boilers MET MANN
What they are and how they work?

Pellet stoves and biomass boilers MET MANN
What they are and how they work?

Heating with pellet stoves or biomass boilers (pellet, wood or mixed wood / pellet) is becoming more and more usual in family homes, businesses, industry and any type of local or activity thanks to its features, performance, energy savings and respect for the environment.

The pellet stoves and boilers are fully automatic equipment, that is, its on and off do not require intervention by the user that should only load the fuel tank and burner when cleaning and ash removal.

The pellet is a totally ecological fuel made from wood waste from pruning trees, forest and industrial waste. It is cylindrical 6mm diameter and a length of 30 mm, to have a homogeneous structure and compact dimensions, can be used on computers that have an automated without screw.

Pellet stoves air, water and pellet boilers is mainly composed of:

- External structure: There are different designs and finishes.
- Inner body with exchanger: This is the area where the flue gases circulate and heat exchange air or water occurs.
- Worm gearmotor with: Its function is to provide the tank to the brazier pellet combustion.
- Fuel tank: in it the pellet is stored.
- Electronic board: It is the brain of the stove or boiler that manages all electrical components and other functions such as scheduling, technical adjustments, hour meter, etc.
- Electrical resistance: It is used exclusively in the ignition phase and once detected a temperature or flame display stops working.
- Safety pressure switch: safety is an element that controls a correct depression of the fireplace.
- Exhaust Ventilation: is used to force the path of the combustion gases exchange zones and in turn causes a depression to allow entry of air for combustion.
- Safety thermostat: When detecting a temperature above the calibrated blocks the operation.
- Combustion Brazier: in this area, the pellet provided by the worm and pellet combustion is performed is deposited. It must be made of heat resistant materials such as stainless steel or casting quality.
It has holes where the primary air flows.
- Front Door with vitro ceramic crystal: This component stoves air and water is important to be exposed to heat and is recommended to be very thick and with a glass that offers a guarantee of heat resistance.
- System anti explosion: This security system is important to an accumulation of combustion gases that may cause a small explosion and may break the glass.
- Hot air fan or circulator: In both cases, are the components that provide the heat transferred to the environment in case of the fan or water emitters (radiators, floor heating, ACS, etc.)
- Ash pan: In this area of ​​the stove combustion residues accumulate.
It must be removed when the ash is cold.
- Flow sensor: This flow sensor is installed in boilers and their use is to maintain stability of combustion.
- Safety valve: hydro used stoves and boilers to prevent excessive circuit pressure can damage the pipes, when a pressure of 2.5 Bar evacuates the water circuit to decrease the pressure is detected.
- Expansion vessel: This component is used to compensate for changes in water pressure with increasing temperature and mandatory installation.
- Room sensor or room thermostat: Informs the electronic board when to start or stop the equipment.
- Smoke probe: This component informs the computer when the stove is on, off or if there is an excess of abnormal temperature.
- Exit flue gas: In this area of ​​the stove must be connected to the chimney smoke exhaust.
- Combustion air inlet: In this entry we recommend connecting a tube to take the combustion air from outside or in the case of not being able to perform to have good ventilation in the premises for not impoverish oxygen.

There are other components in stoves and biomass boilers MET MANN but those listed above are the most important and we think that can be helpful to better understand the functioning of our pellet stoves hot air and water.

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