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MET MANN controls all and everyone of the processes on the manufacture and commercialisation of the HVAC, ventilation and air-treatment products. The goal is to be an efficient and integral supplier, and this pushes us to increase our competitiveness level.

In the way to maintain the control in everyone of the processes, MET MANN is composed by different departments:


  • Management.
  • National sales department.
  • Export department.
  • Account department.
  • Purchases department.
  • Quality department.
  • Manufacture and R&D&I department.
  • Punching Machine section.
  • Bending Machine section.
  • Welding section.
  • Painting section.
  • Finishing section.
  • Reception and shipment warehouse.
  • After sales service.

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Metalúrgica Manlleuense S.A.
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