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Evaporative air conditioning in premises with explosive atmospheres

Evaporative coolers for the air conditioning of premises with explosive atmospheres complying with the ATEX directive to avoid the production of sparks in their normal operation.


Evaporative air conditioning in explosive atmospheres in compliance with the ATEX directive

Evaporative coolers are an ideal system for the air conditioning of all types of industrial buildings in which a natural, efficient and minimum energy consumption air conditioning is required.

In the industry in general, there are many activities with explosive atmospheres and the air conditioning systems can only be installed if the ATEX directive is complied with.

"With our ATEX evaporative coolers we can heat environments with explosive atmospheres"


Our condition as manufacturers has allowed us to develop evaporative cooling equipment with ATEX regulations and recently two units with an external structure in stainless steel and an air flow of 65,000 m3 / h have been manufactured for the multinational company REPSOL.


Constructive details


External structure in stainless steel with cooling panels type 5090 of 100mm

ATEX motor and protection screen to prevent the entry of drops inside the fan


Fan with side spark arresters and bearings with lubricant temperature sensor


Automatic emptying system with ON / OFF level sensor for water pump


ATEX water pump mounted outside the device


MET MANN, has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of equipment for air conditioning and ventilation, is currently one of the leading European manufacturers of evaporative coolers and hot air generators.

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