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Warm air generator of 43 kW - MM-050-G

Warm air generator of 43 kW - MM-050-G

Warm air generator of 43 kW - MM-050-G

Ref.: MM-050-G
Hot air generator of 43kW thermal power for fast and efficient heating of commercial, industrial and agricultural premises up to 1.060 m3.
Constructive details:
- Compact and robust equipment
- Tubular exchanger with thermal efficiency greater than 90%
- Exterior finish in oven-dried polyester paint
- Thermal insulation with air chamber and / or fiberglass
- Centrifugal fan unit with built-in motor.
- Electrical control panel and protection.
- Thermostats for the activation and stopping of the burner and fan.
- Safety thermostat.
- Upper hot air outlet to apply network of ducts, grids or rotating nozzles
Technical data:
- Model: MM-050-G
- Type of fuel: Gas oil, natural gas or propane gas
- Rated power: 43 kW
- Thermal performance: 90%
- Air flow: 3.500 m3 / h
- Motor power fan: 0,79kW
- Electrical voltage: 230V/I/50Hz
- Sound level at 3 m: 60 dB (A)
- Dimensions (Width / Bottom / Height): 475/805/1320mm
- Drive section: 650x415mm
- Smoke outlet: 120mm
- Weight: 112 kg
Constructive details


Burner with diesel, natural gas or propane gas
salida de humos y termostatos de funcionamiento
Smoke outlet and thermostats for operation and safety
Cover for access to heat exchanger cleaning
Air outlet duct for ductwork, plenum with 4-way grilles or rotary nozzles
Electrical control and safety panel with room thermostat
More information at Tel. +34 93 851 15 99

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