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Met Mann

Met Mann

MET MANN is supported by over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing air-condition, ventilation and air-treatment products, providing solutions in each and every sector: industrial, commercial, livestock, agricultural, domestic...

MET MANN exports their products to over 20 countries, providing a permanent and efficient service to their customers, placed in different geographical locations.

The slogan: "Your confort and satisfaction are our goal" defines in a clear way the philosophy of MET MANN: the full satisfaction for their customers.

During the last years MET MANN invested in restructuration and technology to continue being a leader company on the sectors He is operating, providing high quality products with very competitive prices.

A high performance in the heating and cooling systems It´s translated in a considerable energy savingand a reduction of the damaging emissions on the environment.

MET MANN has at his disposal the quality certificate ISO 9001:2015. This regulation proves in an official way that the processes used in the production, commercialisation and after sales service they are accomplishing all the parameters established in this regulation.

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Metalúrgica Manlleuense S.A.
C/Fontcuberta, 32-36 Políg ind. LA COROMINA | 08560 Manlleu - Barcelona


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Met Mann