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Why is an air filtration system important in your industry?

Why is an air filtration system important in your industry?
Ensuring minimum levels of air quality is essential in the productive process of industries in many sectors. To maintain these conditions and protect the integrity of production, there are various air filtration and purification systems available on the market.
In certain facilities, it is necessary for the equipment to fulfill a double function: on the one hand, they must be able to maintain the ambient temperature in a certain range and, on the other, avoid the filtration of particles or other agents that may harm the quality of the environment and therefore to production.

Throughout this post we will delve into industrial air filtering systems, and we will tell you why our evaporative air conditioning equipment can help you guarantee the quality of your production.

Systems for industrial air filter

Industrial processes sometimes face activities that require very high cleanliness and air purity conditions. So much so that certain industries, such as food, must comply with strict regulations regarding the quality of the environment.
After all, a small mistake can cause a great damage to the company in terms of quality.

These systems are based on a series of filters that, from inside the equipment, restrict the access of particles and other elements from the outside, purifying the air that enters the interior environment.

There are several types of filters for air cleaning, which we can distinguish between the following:

- Electrostatic filters: Usually used for elements such as smoke or soot.
- Wet filters: Used to separate components such as dust and pollen.
- Dry filters: Fundamentally used to filter pollen and dust, whose performance will depend on their degree of porosity.
- Absolute filters: They are the highest quality, among which are EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters and those with the highest protection index.
These filters can be combined, so that customized solutions can be obtained to the needs of each environment.

All the evaporative air conditioning units that we develop at MET MANN can incorporate filters with which 99% of PM10 particles can be filtered, which includes all those solid or liquid particles of dust, ash, soot, metal, cement or pollen that are dispersed in the air.

There are some sectors in which the air filtering process is very relevant, since these are industries that require maintaining very strict air quality parameters, below we are going to analyze two examples.

The importance of air filtration in the food industry

The regulations of the food industry are very strict when it comes to food handling and processing. In order to preserve the health of consumers and avoid contamination of their products.

A few months ago we talked to you in another post about air quality in the food industry, the importance of purifying and cleaning the environments in which food is processed and controlling both humidity and ambient temperature. .

In this context and as we have commented previously, our MET MANN evaporative range can be of great help, both by improving the cleanliness of the air in the environment and by establishing and maintaining the temperature required in each case.

All this with a very important energy saving and in a sustainable way.

Filtered air in the plastics processing industry

In plastics processing industries, process water coming from cooling towers is often contaminated by airborne agents such as dust, sand, pollen, or other particles generated by nearby industrial processes.

The accumulation of these particles generates a problem in the medium term, significantly reducing the cooling capacity of the system, overheating the machinery, increasing the possibility of breakdowns and accidents as well as jeopardizing the quality of the manufactured product.

These situations can be avoided by applying evaporative air conditioners, which will, on the one hand, reduce the presence of polluting particles in the air and, on the other, keep the equipment at an optimal temperature, thus avoiding overheating.

Why our evaporative equipment guarantees the air filter in your industry

In addition to the two examples that we have analyzed, our evaporative equipment is easily adapted to many other contexts, such as:
  • Logistics warehouses and industrial warehouses
  • Industrial laundries
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Workshops
  • Sports centers and gyms
  • Carpentry and wood industry
  • Industrial kitchens
Our range of evaporative air conditioners are the only equipment on the market that allow us to fulfill the double function that we have described in this post: to ensure the cleanliness of the air and to achieve the ideal temperature for your industry.

We have the ability to adapt to any situation and make our facilities more flexible to all kinds of requirements.
Our equipment allows us to cover any type of need for space, power or installation requirements, so if you want us to study your case, do not hesitate and get in touch with our team of advisers.
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