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How to diffuse hot air in industrial premises? │ MET MANN

How to diffuse hot air in industrial premises? │ MET MANN
When considering an industrial heating system with hot air generators, one of the most important factors to obtain the desired results is a correct diffusion and distribution of the hot air.
At MET MANN, as manufacturers of industrial heating, we have different ranges of hot air generators for industrial, commercial, agricultural and livestock applications, in any type of application the air diffusion is a key factor to reach a uniform temperature or reach the most important areas to heat.

 The different hot air diffusion options can be summarized as:


Direct hot air diffusion


This type of diffusion for industrial heating is normally incorporated by the industrial hot air generator itself and the treated air is diffused immediately after heating by means of a single or double direction grid.

It is suitable in industrial hot air heaters for wall installation or attached to the wall, the hot air is distributed through the front part of the equipment and its range is limited in addition to providing a sound level superior to other types of diffusion.

Hot air diffusion with 4-sided plenum


Unlike direct diffusion, this system distributes hot air on each side of the equipment itself.
It is suitable for industrial hot air heaters installed in the central part of a building to heat its entire perimeter.

The sound level is lower than the direct drive as well as its range dart. 

Diffusion with rotating nozzles


It is similar to the 4 outlet system but has the advantage of directing the hot air with greater precision and range, if the industrial hot air heater is fitted to a wall, the nozzles intended to heat that side can be reoriented without any problem.

The sound level is similar to that of 4 faces but they provide a little less flow as they have a greater pressure drop.

Metal ducts with grids


This type of hot air diffusion is suitable when you want to heat areas far from the industrial hot air generator itself or adjacent premises. Air diffusion is carried out with properly selected air vents or diffusers and at the speed indicated by current regulations.

Normally the diffusion should be at a maximum height of 3.5-4.0m to ensure that the hot air blown reaches the area to be heated without problems.

The duct and hot air diffusion elements must be calculated with the minimum pressure drop to optimize the flow and pressure performance available from the hot air generator itself.

This type of diffusion is especially quiet as long as the materials and calculations are correct.


Ducts with high induction diffusers


In industrial buildings with considerable heights of more than 6m and when it is not possible to make a duct at a height of 3.5-4m, diffusion with high induction cones will be chosen, this type of cones are designed to diffuse a volume of air at high speed (10-15 m / s) in order to obtain a suitable air dart so that the hot air is correctly dissipated on the surface to be heated.

At MET MANN, we manufacture fully rotating high induction cones, made of PA and with a nominal diameter of 300mm, ideal for directing the treated air in industrial buildings.

This type of diffusion is especially suitable for tall buildings and where it is not possible to make a duct less than 3.5-4m. Diffusion is silent and effective as long as the diffusion calculation is correct.

For more information on how the diffusion of hot air should be in industrial buildings, you can contact us and our sales technicians will help you make the best selection.


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