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Drying processes FASTDRY │ MET MANN

Drying processes FASTDRY │ MET MANN
With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of hot air generators, we are pleased to present our new FAST DRY division aimed at providing solutions for drying, dehydration and pest control processes


We are manufacturers of hot air generators designed to cover the thermal needs in drying, dehydration and pest control processes in the industry


We provide solutions where a hot air system is necessary to carry out drying at low, medium and high temperature.

We have equipment with a maximum power of 500 kW with gas or diesel operation with thermal jumps from 20ºC to 250°C. The air provided by the equipment can be at low, medium or high pressure.


Upon receiving a project request, we collect the main data and analyze the feasibility of the project. As soon as we can provide a solution, we provide a project reporting the main components that we believe are necessary: heat generation, ventilation group, filter group, humidification and system control. At all times we offer technical support in the different phases of project execution.


Our equipment is intended for manufacturers of drying systems, dehydration, paint booths or any type of process where a system is required to accelerate drying in any type of industrial or food process.


  • Drying for fruit tunnels
  • Drying for dehydration of food products
  • Paint booths
  • Metal surface treatment
  • cork stopper drying
  • Disinfection and pest treatment


Initial problem

We received from a client dedicated to the manufacture of sandwich panels a production problem due to the slow drying process of one of the parts of the elaborated product, which caused a slow and expensive production process.

Proposed solution

Once all the technical information on the type of product, the amount of water to be dried and the physical characteristics and finish of the product had been compiled, our technical department proposed the application of a hot air supply unit with a temperature difference of 120°C with a air flow and pressure suitable for the type of drying tunnel and air delivery nozzles.

At the product finishing level, a filtration module was recommended to prevent the treated air from transporting dust particles that could affect the correct finishing of the finished product.
In this case, the equipment was supplied with a two-stage diesel burner and a control panel to manage the entire operating process and safety components.

Obtained result

The results obtained once the start-up was carried out were a 50% increase in production with a minimum of energy consumption thanks to the high performance of our heat production equipment.

You can access more information in this link or by calling Tel. +34 93 851 15 99

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