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Small or large evaporative coolers? │MET MANN

Small or large evaporative coolers? │MET MANN
When we are carrying out the calculation of evaporative air conditioning in an industrial warehouse, we are presented with the question of providing the solution with small-sized units with an axial fan or larger units with a centrifugal fan with a higher static pressure

According to our experience, the best option for the end user is to install larger equipment where significant economic savings will be obtained

Next, we will reason why we have reached this conclusion.

Required air flow

To calculate the necessary air flow in industrial warehouses with a thermal load basically from the outside, that is, where there are no large sources of heat inside and based on the volumetric calculation method, a minimum of 20 air changes per hour is required. hour (calculated based on a height of 4m).

For example; In a warehouse of 750m2 and an average height of 10 meters, the necessary air flow is:

750m2 x 4m (*) x 20 renovations/hour = 60,000 m3/h

(*) height where the air diffusion elements will be placed

Machinery selection

In the current market, there are a wide variety of mainly Asian models whose real air flow is around 10,000 m3/h with an available static pressure of 80 Pa. If we take the previous warehouse as an example, 60,000 m3/h of air will be required. fresh and filtered air, with which 6 units of 10,000 m3/h must be installed distributed on the surface of the roof itself.


These types of installations are beginning to be a problem in companies where the roofs are destined to install photovoltaic panels for the generation of renewable energy, but there are other problems to take into account, such as:

- 6 openings must be made that weaken the main structure of the building

- Possible water leaks

- Drafts in winter, in case the equipment is not covered with covers

- In the installation process, each unit must be provided with an electrical connection socket, supply water and a drain, to evacuate the water in the automatic emptying cycles.


At MET MANN, given the problem, we recommend the installation of equipment with higher flow rates and available static pressures, with a minimum of 100 Pa, in addition to a G4 or M5 type air filter to ensure correct quality of the air blown into the room to be heated. .

In the previous example, with the installation of a unit of our model AD-70-V-100-185 we could guarantee the correct evaporative air conditioning and have up to +30% free space to install solar energy panels.


Advantages obtained

In summary, the main advantages of installing large-format equipment with a centrifugal fan are:

- Lower installation costs and future maintenance

- Preservation and increase of free surface on the roof of the building

- Quieter units compared to axial units with the same flow/pressure performance

- Possibility of applying G4 or M5 type air filters

- Greater static pressure available allowing the application of different air diffusion systems: ducts, diffusers, nozzles, etc.

- Greater operational reliability by not using electronic boards. Very common operating errors in industrial environments where there are voltage variations, electromagnetic disturbances, harmonics, etc. are avoided.

Performance guarantee

Our evaporative air conditioners are tested by the LGAI Technological Center (Applus) and comply with the technical performance indicated in our technical and commercial catalogues.

Product range

You can access our entire range of industrial evaporative air conditioners at this link:
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