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Evaporative air conditioning in car dealerships │ MET MANN

Evaporative air conditioning in car dealerships │ MET MANN
Evaporative air conditioning in a 900m2 car dealership

Evaporative air conditioning installed in a 900m2 car dealership

Example of evaporative air conditioning installation in a 900m2 car dealership.
The solution provided is that of an evaporative air conditioner with a high flow rate and available pressure of 60,644 m3/h with a section of duct and 6-way air diffuser.
The electrical consumption of the installed equipment is 18.5 kW for a total area of 900m2, that is, for each heated m2, an electrical consumption of 20.55 W is required.
Our recommendation, whenever possible, is to design high-flow evaporative air conditioning equipment and a centrifugal fan for:

- Lower noise level compared to equipment with axial fan

- Lower energy consumption under equal conditions

- Lower maintenance costs

- Reduction of installation costs

industrial evaporative air conditioning
 industrial evaporative coolers

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