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Industrial hot air heating equipment │ MET MANN

Industrial hot air heating equipment │ MET MANN
Industrial heating equipment to heat industrial buildings, agricultural farms, greenhouses, etc...

Industrial heating equipment from 26 to 500 kW

Hot air generators are a fast and efficient heating system that allows heating all types of industrial, agricultural or livestock facilities.

Its operation can be diesel, natural gas, propane gas or granulated biomass.
Industrial heating equipment



🔹Heating power: 43 to 500 kW
🔹Air flow: 2,050 to 45,000 m3/h
🔹Available pressure: 100-150 Pa
🔹Thermal jump: 30ºC to 40ºC
🔹Fuel: natural gas, propane gas, diesel, pellets
🔹Fan: Centrifugal
🔹High performance combustion oven
🔹Air outlet for ducts, with perimeter grilles or with rotating mouths

Installation Examples

Its installation consists of powering the equipment electrically, installing a gas extraction chimney and determining the most appropriate type of air diffusion for the room to be heated.

In these illustrations you can see the different air diffusion options.



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