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Industrial wood stove with ducts │ MET MANN

Industrial wood stove with ducts │ MET MANN
Industrial wood stoves with air ducts to heat industrial buildings

Industrial wood stoves with air ducts

ECO POL wood stoves incorporate a powerful centrifugal fan as standard to channel hot air to every corner of the room to be heated.

We have two models of 50 and 100 kW of heat power capable of heating premises from 250m2 to 600m2.

The installation consists of:

- have a single-phase power supply
- apply a smoke extraction chimney with a minimum height of 4m
- in the case of wanting to channel the air, a correct calculation of the length of the duct as well as its section.

At MET MANN we can calculate the most appropriate duct network for each type of installation
in order that the operation of the stove is a success.

Below we show the images of a recent installation of our EP-050-C model in an automotive workshop where a network of ducts has been made to heat the most important areas.

industrial wood stove
ducted wood stove

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