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Industrial warehouse heating with hot air │ MET MANN

Industrial warehouse heating with hot air │ MET MANN
Heating of a 1,400m2 industrial warehouse with a hot air generator MM-400-G

Industrial heating with MET MANN hot air generators

Heating industrial buildings is not an easy task and a correct selection of heating and air diffusion equipment is very important.

In this industrial premises of 1,400m2 and 10 meters high, a heating system with a natural gas-operated MM-400-G hot air generator and a discharge duct with rotating high-induction nozzles has been chosen.

A very important aspect for saving and homogenizing the temperature is the installation of ceiling fans to prevent the stratification of hot air.



Selected machinery

MET MANN hot air generator model MM-400-G with natural gas burner model NG-400 of the UNIGAS brand

industrial warehouse heating



Air diffusion type

Due to the geometry of the building, it was decided to create a network of ducts with a 1000mm diameter helical tube. High induction nozzles have been placed in the duct to allow hot air to reach the entire surface of the building.



Stratified heat recovery on the roof

To recover the hot air stratified on the ceiling, 10 DVW 140 model fans with temperature sensor and speed regulation have been used.

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