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For those who like summer but not the sweltering they are lucky this year with ecological MET MANN evaporative coolers. This system allows for a natural air conditioning in medium and large local area as commercial, industrial or agricultural centers. It is an environmentally friendly solution that also provides an interesting economic saving.
Evaporative coolers ecological MET MANN are one of the most efficient and durable for a fresh and natural air conditioning for paddle tennis courts, industrial buildings, small commercial, industrial or agricultural local solutions. Ideal for natural air conditioning with the arrival of summer heat option.

How does it work

Evaporative coolers offer cheap and totally ecological system consisting cooling air temperature using water. Its operation is to suck the hot, dry air from the outside and cooled by passing it through a wet filter. The air is cooled by evaporation of water when passing through the filter, giving the environment a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Currently, this evaporative cooler is the most technically advanced in the market regarding control systems and hygiene control, because it uses mechanical ventilation to provide fresh air. Evaporative cooling is used only on hot days to cool the air before it enters the building. This simple technology uses 90% less energy than traditional cooling methods.

Carbon is a growing problem. The use of evaporative cooling instead of traditional air conditioning can substantially reduce carbon emissions and help with their CRC.

An economical solution

In addition, they are 25% cheaper than installing air conditioning especially in industrial localies. For commercial and data center projects, installation costs are almost equal. In all cases, operating costs are only 10% of equivalent cooling units.

And this is because this device requires half the energy it consumes a kettle to boil water. A EcoCooler of 12000m3 / hour can cool to 250m² or circle diameter of 15m or cover a load of 35kW. Therefore, it is intended to immediately cool workstations or entire buildings.

In short, the power consumption of evaporative coolers is much lower than the standard cooling, saving up to 60% of electricity. The cost savings in consumption and installation as well as its high performance cooling and respect for the environment, become the best alternative to classic air conditioners.

Features coolers

- Fully automatic equipment.

- Fresh and renewed air.

- Available models with 3 air vents.

- Ventilation and extraction.

- Air flow from 5,500 to 63,000 m3 / h.

- Ideal for air conditioning of all types of premises.

More information about MET MANN

MET MANN The company has over 50 years experience in the manufacture of evaporative coolers for natural air conditioning. It exports its products to countries like Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, South Korea, etc.

A high performance heating and cooling systems results in considerable energy savings and a reduction in harmful emissions to the environment. Environmental regulations set minimum yields to market these devices and has set high performance that approaches 90%. MET MANN generators obtained up to 92% yield thanks to its advanced production process, ensuring efficiency and environmental quality.
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