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Pellet stoves are a quick and ecological system for heating homes and businesses
Pellet stoves are environmentally friendly equipment with neutral CO2 emissions.

This is because emissions from combustion are the same that would provide the natural decomposition of forest residues.

Pellet stoves as well as being fully automatic devices offer significant advantages over other heating systems that will detail below.

- Heating system very fast to reach the comfort temperature.

- Fully automatic operation with 5 power levels.

- Important energy savings in both fuel and electricity consumption.

- No additional charges meter rental, minimum consumption, etc.

- They are easy installation and maintenance.

- Allow the scheduled operation (daily, weekly or weekend).

- Possibility once they reach room temperature, pellet stove work at minimum power or stand up new start.

- Minimum ash residue (0.7%) that make them a clean equipment.

- Greater autonomy of operation thanks to its built-in fuel tank.

- The vision of fire, provides a sense of comfort and tranquility not offered by other systems.

For more information about our pellet stoves or biomass boilers do not hesitate to contact us at Tel. +34 93-851 15 99 or

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