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Domestic evaporative cooler ideal for premises up to 24 m2
The evaporative air conditioner MINI COOLER is efficient and economical.
Unlike traditional air conditioners, it refreshes the room air pleasantly without the use of cooling fluid or the need for complicated facilities.
This air conditioner does not require any exhaust hose, which must be mounted on doors or windows in mobile air conditioning systems.
The equipment cools the environment by using the evaporation of the cold water to cool the hot air flowing into the unit and to expel it already cold again through the fan.
The air conditioner refreshes and makes the air pleasant in medium sized rooms, while at the same time saving energy - it needs only 65 W of power for an airflow of 320 m³ / h.
Operational costs are, therefore, extremely low with this device.
In addition to its air-conditioning function, it can also be used as an air purifier: thanks to an integrated air filter as well as a sophisticated honeycomb structure of the evaporation filter, the aspirated air is first filtered and then moistened and cooled.
The MINI COOLER is, therefore, also a fan in which the air is humidified and purified.
Constructive details:
- Refreshes and cools the air with a practical ventilation function
- Efficient cooling with Honeycomb technology
- Ultra-quiet night mode
- Possibility to operate with cold accumulators or ice cubes to increase the cooling capacity
- Adjustable air discharge direction and optional permanent swing movement in "Swing" mode
- 4 ventilation speeds
- Timer function
- Its lower wheels and integrated handle allow easy transport
- LED Display
- Highly energy efficient
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