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  • 24/09/2020
    MET MANN HVAC Equipment Rate 2020/21
  • 25/08/2020
    In the food industry there are very strict regulations that govern the handling and processing conditions of products that are intended for human consumption. These requirements include controls for temperature, humidity and the presence of particles in the air that can affect the quality of manufactured products.
  • 21/08/2020
    Industrial buildings are environments where many times, ventilation is conspicuous by its absence. This makes it necessary for the calculation of ventilation and extraction of an industrial warehouse to be a requirement that is almost mandatory and that should be ignored.
  • 10/08/2020
    It is summer and as such, the temperature in the offices and work centers increases. This aspect is accompanied by one of the debates that take place year after year between employees or clients who complain about the cold or the heat: what is the optimal temperature in offices?
  • 07/08/2020
    Evaporative cooling is a natural and efficient solution for air conditioning that uses sustainable technology and requires low energy costs.
    Also called adiabatic cooling, it is a technology that makes it possible to cool a closed environment by introducing fresh air whose application is adapted to a wide range of industries and environments.
  • 02/06/2020
    Achieving optimal climate conditions in wide spaces has never been easier than now.
    However, when evaluating the different air conditioning systems for large surfaces, very different factors come into play, such as the total size of the installation or the number of people that can accommodate that space.
  • 05/06/2020
    All rooms in an establishment or home need proper ventilation, and the bathroom was not going to be an exception. On the contrary. It is a space in which due to humidity and odors that accumulate it is necessary to install specific devices, such as the air extraction system for bathrooms.
  • 08/05/2020
    Air curtains have become the air conditioning devices par excellence in many commercial premises in recent years, whether they are small shops or large areas such as shopping centers. Given the great popularity these systems have achieved, a question arises: are air curtains really effective?
  • 05/05/2020
    Few people are currently aware of the components of a ventilation system. So in this post we are going to review all of them to know what they are and what role they have in the ventilation process. We warn you, you are going to become an expert!
  • 02/04/2020
    Achieving optimal air conditioning in a workspace can be a real headache, even more so if we are talking about a large space such as an industrial warehouse.

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