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Ceiling fans for heat recovery and ventilation - DVW

Ceiling fans for heat recovery and ventilation - DVW

Ceiling fans for heat recovery and ventilation - DVW

Ref.: DVW

Ceiling fans to cool in summer and save in winter

DVW ceiling fans allow them to be used to ventilate in the summer and recover the stratified heat on the ceiling in winter, using the fan in winter allows us to save energy of up to 30%.
Its use can be at a domestic, commercial and / or industrial level and its installation can be on ceilings from 2.3m to 10m high.
The fans can be individually assembled with their corresponding speed regulator or up to 10 units can be grouped using our model RV10 electrical panel with regulator.
Summer operation:
The cooling system consists in lowering the hot air located at the top
of the ceiling with which the air conditioning systems have a return of air more
cold and increase their performance and in places where they do not
They have air conditioning systems allowing uniform ventilation equalizing the
temperatures and getting an air breeze.

Winter operation
In halls and industrial buildings, it allows them to balance the temperature obtaining an increase in
floor temperature of up to 25% without the need for a heating system.

Works carried out with this system have managed to increase the temperature at ground level to

With air heating systems it allows us to obtain savings of up to 30% in

Fan selection table depending on height


Technical data

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