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Industrial evaporative coolers 18.140 - 36.678 m3/h - AD BIG PREMIUM

Industrial evaporative coolers 18.140 - 36.678 m3/h - AD BIG PREMIUM

Industrial evaporative coolers 18.140 - 36.678 m3/h - AD BIG PREMIUM


AD BIG PREMIUM evaporative air conditioners for evaporative air conditioning in industrial, commercial, agricultural or livestock premises

Evaporative coolers are a natural cooling system that uses water as a cooling element. Its basic operating principle is to suck in the outside air and pass it through some cooling panels moistened with water. Once the air passes through this panel, it cools and increases its humidity.

Once this process has been carried out, the air is propelled inside the premises to be air-conditioned and, based on the appropriate renovations and extraction of air, a comfortable comfort temperature and adequate indoor air quality are achieved for people.
AD BIG PREMIUM evaporative air conditioners, develop an air flow from 18,140 m3/h to 36,678 m3/h with an available pressure at a maximum flow of 100 Pa, its cooling capacity is suitable for premises from 300m2 to 615m2. For larger surfaces more units can be installed.
Its operation is totally ecological due to the fact that no type of refrigerant gas is used in addition to requiring 80% less electrical energy compared to conventional air conditioning equipment.
Another aspect to keep in mind is the constant renewal of indoor air that guarantees eliminating stale environments of odors and fumes.


"We comply with the energy efficiency ErP" 


"Air flows tested by LGAI Technological Center APPLUS"


Instalation and maintenance:

The installation of evaporative air conditioners consists of a single-phase or three-phase electrical connection depending on the selected model, a mains water connection, support bench, electrical control panel and air diffuser elements or ductwork.

Its maintenance consists of carrying out an annual review of the cooling panels and a general cleaning of the equipment. 


- Water tray made of thick polyamide with UV protection.
- Upper roof and suction grids in galvanized steel, oven-painted with RAL 7035 gray polyester paint.
- Posts made of AISI-304 stainless steel
- Chiller panels type 5090, 100mm thick.
- Centrifugal fan group in galvanized steel (with hot-dip galvanized frame).
- Automatic emptying system patented by MET MANN.
- Factory connected hydraulic and electrical installation.
- Support and bearing with FAG DUROTEC anti-corrosive treatment.
- Base bench with legs for easy transport and installation.
- WILO water pump.
- IE3 high efficiency electric motors.
- Quick opening of the panels with half-turn fasteners.
- Possibility of supply with ceiling and panels in AISI-304 stainless steel.
- They can be supplied with filtering systems to comply with the BRC food standard, ATEX motors, etc.


AD BIG PREMIUM evaporative coolers provide an air flow of 18,140 to 36,678 m3/h with an available pressure at a maximum flow of 100 Pa (for higher pressures consult).

Air drive positions:

Depending on the selected model, the air outlet can be lower (V), lateral (H) or higher (VS).


Constructive details

High efficiency chiller panel type 5090 100mm thick


Quick opening to facilitate maintenance


IE3 high efficiency motor driven centrifugal fan group




Support and bearing with FAG DUROTEC anticorrosive treatment



MET MANN patented automatic emptying system


High-performance WILO water pump with level switch


Filtering system to comply with BRC food regulations


More information in Tel. (+34) 93 851 15 99

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Models of Industrial evaporative coolers 18.140 - 36.678 m3/h - AD BIG PREMIUM

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