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Axial evaporative coolers 16.000 to 30.000 m3/h - ECO COOLER

Axial evaporative coolers 16.000 to 30.000 m3/h - ECO COOLER

Axial evaporative coolers 16.000 to 30.000 m3/h - ECO COOLER


The evaporative air conditioners of the ECO COOLER series are axial fan air units for the cooling of any type of commercial, industrial or agricultural premises from 200m2 to 375m2 with a single equipment, for larger surfaces more than one unit can be installed.
Its operation is totally ecological when not using any type of refrigerant gas because the cooling of the air is effected when passing the outside air by a panel moistened with water that cools the air and increases the humidity of the same, its electrical consumption in addition is an 80 % Lower than other conventional air conditioning systems.
Another advantage to take into account is the constant renewal of the interior air that ensures eliminate environments addict.
Instalation and maintenance:
The installation of the evaporative coolers consists of a single-phase or three-phase electrical connection according to the selected model, mains water intake, equipment support stand, electrical control panel and air diffuser elements or conduit network.
Maintenance consists of an annual review of the cooling panels and a general cleaning of the equipment.
- Structure of plastic resistant to the ultraviolet rays and temperature of -41ºC to + 96ºC.
- Two modes of operation: Cooling - Ventilation
- Two programming modes: MANUAL or AUTO with time programming.
- Multi-function remote control with ambient temperature and humidity control.
- Pre-cooling the panels before starting the fan.
- Water inlet valve with opening and closing with mechanical buoy.
- Water level control for the protection of the pump.
- Self cleaning for water renewal.
- Emptying when stopping equipment and cleaning for water renewal when the evaporative works in manual mode, to avoid the formation of micro organisms and concentration of mineral salts.
ECO COOLER evaporative coolers provide an airflow of 16,000 to 30,000 m3 / h depending on the model selected.
Air Driven Positions:
According to the selected model the treated air can be lower, lateral or superior.

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Models of Axial evaporative coolers 16.000 to 30.000 m3/h - ECO COOLER

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