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Axial industrial evaporative air coolers from 10,080 to 19,080 m3/h - ECO COOLER

Axial industrial evaporative air coolers from 10,080 to 19,080 m3/h - ECO COOLER

Axial industrial evaporative air coolers from 10,080 to 19,080 m3/h - ECO COOLER


Industrial evaporative air conditioners with axial fan from 10,080 to 19,080 m3/h

ECO COOLER evaporative coolers are a natural cooling system that provide cool, humid air in the room to be heated.

To cool the air, evaporative cooling technology is used, which consists of passing the outside air through panels moistened with water. As the air passes through this area, it cools and increases its humidity. The treated air is driven by a fan inside the room and by renewing the indoor air comfort temperatures are reached.

The necessary electrical power is 80% less than traditional air conditioning systems and by using water as a cooling element it avoids the emission of harmful gases into the environment.
ECO COOLER evaporative air conditioners have a 16-speed axial fan to adjust the necessary air flow at all times, they also have an electronic control in charge of performing all the equipment′s functions.
The equipment can be controlled by means of a wall control panel or by remote control.

"Air flows tested by LGAI Technological Center APPLUS"



Instalation and maintenance:

The installation of evaporative air conditioners consists of a single-phase or three-phase electrical connection depending on the selected model, a mains water connection, support bench and air diffuser elements.

Its maintenance consists of carrying out an annual review of the cooling panels and a general cleaning of the equipment. 


- Structure made of thick polypropylene with ultraviolet protection.
- Operating modes: Cooling - Ventilation - Extraction
- MANUAL or AUTOMATIC operation with time programming.
- Multifunction remote control with temperature and humidity control.
- Pre cooling and post ventilation for the cooling panels.
- Water inlet solenoid valve.
- Level sensor and automatic emptying.
- Programmable automatic auto cleaning.
- Cooler panels type 5090, 100mm or 120mm thick, depending on the model.
- 16 speed axial fan.
- Anti insect filter.
- Multi control to control up to 28 units (optional).
- Multi control with MODBUS language to control up to 99 units (optional) 


ECO COOLER evaporative coolers provide an air flow of 10,080 to 19,080 m3/h depending on the selected model.

Air outlet positions:

Depending on the selected model, the treated air can exit through the Lower (V), Lateral (H) or upper (VS).

Constructive details

Structure made of polypropylene with UV protection


Cooler panel type 5090 with insect filter


Homogeneous water distributor applied to the ceiling




Water pump, automatic drain and level sensor



16-speed axial fan with internal temperature sensor


Multifunction display and remote control


Multi-control panels to manage up to 99 units with MODBUS system (optional)


More information on Tel. (+34) 93 851 15 99

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Models of Axial industrial evaporative air coolers from 10,080 to 19,080 m3/h - ECO COOLER

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