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Adiabatic humidifier of 2,100-8,000 m3/h - ADIABATIC COOL PREMIUM

Adiabatic humidifier of 2,100-8,000 m3/h - ADIABATIC COOL PREMIUM

Adiabatic humidifier of 2,100-8,000 m3/h - ADIABATIC COOL PREMIUM


Adiabatic humidifiers for moisture supply and air cooling

Adiabatic humidifiers or modules have been popularized for use in conjunction with air conditioning heat recovery units, UTA or any other system where it is necessary to increase the humidity and cool an air flow.

The standard air flows range from 2,100 m3 / h to 8,000 m3 / h but we can manufacture equipment of greater capacity.
Its operation is totally ecological when not using any type of refrigerant gas because the cooling of the air is carried out by passing the outside air through a panel moistened with water that cools the air and increases its humidity, its electrical consumption is also an 80 % lower than other conventional air conditioning systems.

Instalation and maintenance:

The installation of the cooling modules consists of a single-phase electrical connection for the water pump, and a water outlet of the network.
Its maintenance consists in carrying out an annual review of the cooling panels and a general cleaning of the equipment.

ADIABATIC COOL humidifier applied in a paint booth



- Water tray made of stainless steel AISI 316.
- Cantonera posts made of stainless steel AISI-304.
- High efficiency cooling panels.
- External rotor water pump.
- Base bench with legs for easy transport and installation.
- Automatic emptying system patented by MET MANN.
- Continuous drainage to avoid the concentration of mineral salts.
- Hydraulic and electrical installation connected at the factory.
- On demand you can supply equipment with higher air flow, totally stainless, etc.

Airflows allowed:

Los ADIABATIC COOL PREMIUM permiten tratar un caudal de aire de 2.100 a 8.000 m3/h con la posibilidad de fabricar equipos de mayor capacidad.

Constructive details

High efficiency chiller panel type 5090 100mm thick


Water tray in stainless steel AISI-316



MET MANN patented automatic emptying system



Water distributor with flow regulation




High performance water pump with external rotor



More information at Tel. (+34) 93 851 15 99

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Models of Adiabatic humidifier of 2,100-8,000 m3/h - ADIABATIC COOL PREMIUM

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