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Ceiling fans heat recuperators - DT

Ceiling fans heat recuperators - DT

Ceiling fans heat recuperators - DT

Ref.: DT

The heat recovery ceiling fans DT series, allow to recover the stratified hot air in the ceiling and obtain an energy saving of 40%.
The hot air concentrated in the upper part totally wasted it recovered and directed it uniformly in the lower part of the premises.
The heights of installation according to the selected model ranges from 4m to 9m.
Main Features:
- Energy saving up to 40%.
- Single-phase electric motor directly coupled to the axial fan.
- Double deflection air drive grille with adjustable fins.
- Adjustable thermostat 0-40ºC installed in the equipment to start and stop the fan once a temperature higher than 40ºC is detected.
- Uniform diffusion of the heat with a difference of temperature of 0,15ºC per meter of height.
- Use of free heat provided by heat-generating equipment.
- Acceleration of the air renewals reducing the concentration of fumes and odors.
- In summer we can get a ventilation of the premises.
Product Range:
- 3 models from 3,600 - 5,500 - 7,200 m3 / h
- The treated area goes from 100m2 to 230m2 with a single equipment.
- The equipment can be supplied with speed regulator (CR5)
More information at Tel. +34 93 851 15 99

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