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Modular industrial air curtains - SV

Modular industrial air curtains - SV

Modular industrial air curtains - SV

Ref.: SV

Air curtains for small, medium and large access doors

SV air curtains are the ideal complement for an industrial or large-area installation thanks to their function of creating a natural barrier that limits the passage of external air, that is, it obstructs the natural movement of air from one colder environment to another. warmer.

SV air curtains are designed to be easy to install, to obtain high performance and a Long useful life.

The curtains are placed on the entrance or exit doors of industrial buildings thanks to their powerful fan, they limit the passage of air from one environment to another, guaranteeing energy savings of up to 30% in heating or cooling systems used to air condition the local.

They are made of galvanized steel and provide an air flow from 6,000 to 23,000 m│/h, as an accessory a regulator of up to 5 speeds can be supplied.

Its constructive form in the form of modules, allows its installation both in vertical and horizontal position.
- Limit the entry of outside air increasing thermal comfort
- Energy savings of up to 30%
- Air flow from 6,000 to 23,000 m│/h
- Maximum reliability
- Improves health conditions by preventing the entry of dust into the environment

- Industrial and agricultural warehouses
- Logistics centers and warehouses
- Supermarkets and department stores
- Airports
- Hangars and airport and maritime warehouses


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