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The performance of a hot air generator is determined by the relationship between the thermal power generated and the actual thermal power provided to the room to be heated.
High performance is equivalent to good equipment operation and translates into energy savings and limited emissions harmful to the environment.
The regulations on the subject, for years, is aimed at containing energy consumption to safeguard the environment around us; That is why minimum yields have been established to be able to market these devices.
The same regulations, taking into account the technological progress currently achieved, have established that an apparatus can be classified as "High performance" when its percentage exceeds 90%; This is only obtained with a high technical content and an advanced production process.
MET MANN hot air generators reach a yield of 90%, even some of them have obtained up to 92%, which is why we can ensure that our equipment is efficient and of proven quality.

MET MANN is at the forefront of quality and that is why it has the ISO 9001: 2015 certification that accredits it.
Adiabatic cooling
Evaporative air coolers in commercial, industrial, agricultural and food industry sectors.
climatizadores evaporativos industriales 

Evaporative coolers MET MANN
MET MANN evaporative coolers use with total success the simple evaporative cooling technology. This technology involves the evaporation of water passing a given volume of air for a few coolers panels, causing a decrease in air temperature and increased humidity thereof.
At the present time due to a constant technological process, industrial equipment tend to be increasingly sophisticated. Air conditioning is an example of this trend.
There is now a need to control the temperature and humidity throughout the year for some high technology equipment work properly.
The concept of evaporative cooling system is on the rise as the cooling medium in industrial plants, farms, greenhouses, and any space that requires a supply of cooling moisture.
This system is totally organic and that it does not use any type of refrigerant gas and electric consumption is minimal compared to traditional air conditioning systems. For its operation a contribution of water mains and an electrical connection is necessary.
Examples of installations
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instalaciones climatizadores evaporativos
Companies that have relied on our evaporative cooling systems
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The vent is part of the proper environmental well either by renewing the air inside a building with extraction or injection of air or for energy saving heating systems homogenizing the upper and lower temperature with ceiling fans or stratifiers air, another leading product for energy saving are air curtains that prevent entry of cold air in winter or hot summer air.

MET MANN offer all types of ventilation solutions as well as being official distributors in Spain of the prestigious German manufacturer HELIOS VENTILATOREN.

Excess humidity in your home generate mildew, rust or water condensation on windows, walls and furniture. All these phenomena may eventually cause major damage, can also cause health problems, aggravating nuisances such as asthma, arftritis, rheumatism and support the growth of microorganisms and germs.

Air dehumidifiers are devices designed to meet comfortably and effectively the problems caused by excess moisture control automatically allowing the moisture level further improving comfort.

The devices of this series are compact, quiet and easily desplazn thanks to its wheels.

They equipped with a mechanical or digital humidistat according to model, and have the option of permanent drainage to control without interruption the humidity level.

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