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Industrial heating
Industrial heaters: maximum performance and safety The performance of industrial heaters is determined by the relationship between the thermal power generated and the actual thermal power provided to the premises to be heated. High performance is equivalent to the proper functioning of the heating system and translates into energy savings and limited emissions harmful to the environment.   MET MANN is a guarantee in your heating system      The regulations on the subject, for years, is aimed at containing energy consumption to safeguard the environment around us. That is why minimum yields have been established to be able to commercialize industrial heaters and similar technology devices.   The same regulations, taking into account the technological progress currently achieved, has established that an industrial heating system can be classified as "High performance" when its percentage exceeds 90%; This is only obtained with a high technical content and an advanced production process.   Met Mann heaters reach a yield of 90%. Even some of them have obtained up to 92%. That is why we can ensure that our equipment is efficient and of proven quality. MET MANN is at the forefront of quality and that is why it has the ISO 9001: 2015 certification that accredits it.   Why choose a MET MANN industrial heater? - Maximum performance in industrial and domestic heaters - Quality certifications in all our heating systems - Energy saving - Respect for the environment     Product range
Evaporative industrial air coolers
MET MANN industrial air conditioners: at the forefront of technology MET MANN industrial air conditioners use the simple technology of evaporative cooling with complete success. This technology consists in the evaporation of water when a certain volume of air passes through dampened panels of water. This causes a decrease in air temperature and an increase in the degree of humidity.       Air conditioning of industrial buildings and workplaces At the present time, due to a process of constant technological advancement, air conditioning installations tend to be increasingly advanced. Air conditioning is another example of this trend. The need to control the temperature and humidity throughout the year requires high performance equipment. At this point, our evaporative air conditioning technology is one of the most sophisticated methods to guarantee the cooling of industrial buildings, farms, greenhouses ... Or any place that requires cooling with a moisture supply.   Environmentally friendly air conditioning installations  The cooling system used by our industrial air conditioners is totally ecological. To achieve the desired temperature, they do not use any type of refrigerant gas and the electrical input is minimal compared to traditional air conditioning systems. For its operation it is only necessary a contribution of water from the general network of the ship or enclosure to be heated, as well as an electrical connection socket.   Save up to 80% with your industrial air conditioner In addition to its ecological advantages, with Met Mann industrial air conditioners you can save up to 80% compared to other traditional air conditioning systems. Its electricity consumption is minimal and requires a much lower investment than other similar solutions use. Nor do they need installation and its assembly is very simple. One more reason to opt for this system. Advantages of our industrial air conditioners - MET MANN air conditioning systems use only water to cool. For this reason they are environmentally friendly air conditioners.   - By having a very low energy consumption, the energy saving is remarkable. This advantage is very interesting for industrial buildings or workplaces where the activity is continued.   - Due to its technology, our industrial air conditioners allow balancing the degree of humidity in especially dry climates. The feeling of comfort is much greater than with other methods of air conditioning.   - Its maintenance is very easy and do not need installation. Nor do they require great efforts when assembling them. Comfort and time savings are guaranteed.   - They help to renew the air inside your workplace and provide fresh, clean and perfectly filtered air.   - Your work environment will be less prone to thermal stress with an industrial air conditioner of these characteristics: they regulate the temperature, balance the humidity and this translates into a great sense of comfort.    Operating video of evaporative coolers     Companies that have relied on our air conditioning systems                             Product range
Industrial ventilation and air curtains
Industrial fans for all types of spaces In our section of industrial fans you will find all kinds of solutions that adapt to your business and your needs. If you develop your activity in an industrial building, the design of ventilation is one of the key aspects to consider. It is important to correctly determine the necessary air flow so that no problems arise, as well as the most appropriate type of fan depending on the characteristics of the space. What type of fan for industry is the most common? There are many options when choosing an industrial air fan. Several extractors are usually necessary to guarantee a good performance, but this will depend on the extent of the place to ventilate, its distribution and the type of activity performed in it. In MET MANN you will find variety and quality: industrial ceiling fans, air stratifiers, curtains ... All of them prevent the entry of cold air in winter and hot air in summer. So the temperature in your workplace will always be adequate. Reasons to choose a MET MANN industrial fan - Variety is one of our strengths. We offer ventilation solutions of all kinds to respond to the needs of your business. From ceiling fans to bathroom fans, smoke extractors for chimneys, air curtains, axial systems ... You can contact us and we will advise you to find the system that guarantees you better results. - All our industrial and domestic fans are top quality. We design and manufacture robust, efficient systems that stand the test of time and offer you a guarantee of safety. - We are official distributors of the German firm HELIOS VENTILATOREN, one of the most prestigious manufacturers in industrial, commercial and domestic style fans. What influences the choice of industrial fans? In addition to everything we have just said, proper ventilation contributes to environmental well-being by renewing the air inside a building. This can be done either by air extraction, or by injection. Another point to consider when choosing industrial fans is that they contribute to the energy savings of heating systems. As they homogenize the temperature in the lower and upper levels, the heating expense will be lower.   Product range
Excess humidity in your home generate mildew, rust or water condensation on windows, walls and furniture. All these phenomena may eventually cause major damage, can also cause health problems, aggravating nuisances such as asthma, arftritis, rheumatism and support the growth of microorganisms and germs. Air dehumidifiers are devices designed to meet comfortably and effectively the problems caused by excess moisture control automatically allowing the moisture level further improving comfort. The devices of this series are compact, quiet and easily desplazn thanks to its wheels. They equipped with a mechanical or digital humidistat according to model, and have the option of permanent drainage to control without interruption the humidity level.
Gas or diesel burners
Gas or diesel burners from 14 to 3,558 kW  Our gas burners and diesel burners will cover all your needs. Whether you are a company or a private individual, at Met Mann you will find burners to make your day to day easier. We work with the best brands in the market, firms such as Unigas or Lamborghini, which guarantee high performance with total security. We try to make all our gas and diesel burners easy to install and very comfortable to handle. Do not hesitate to contact us if there is something you are not sure about.     Choose MET MANN burners In MET MANN we have been offering burners and other industrial air conditioning products since 1959 with all the guarantees. Only top brands. All our gas burners and diesel burners are from leading companies in the market. Unigas and Lamborghini are the main manufacturers we work with. Safety and respect for the environment. Met Mann products comply with the most stringent safety and sustainability regulations and guidelines. As a company, we have the ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate, which officially certifies that all production, marketing and after-sales processes of our products meet the established parameters. After sales service. If you have doubts when installing or using your burner, contact our technical support team and we will help you.     Product range
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