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Evaporative air conditioning in premises with explosive atmospheres
Evaporative coolers for the air conditioning of premises with explosive atmospheres complying with the ATEX directive to avoid the production of sparks in their normal operation.
Evaporative air conditioning in melons and potatoes greenhouse - France
Installation of 12 evaporative coolers AD-20-H in a greenhouse dedicated to the cultivation of melons and potatoes in France.
Evaporative air conditioning in the automotive sector
Evaporative air conditioning in the automotive sector made with evaporative coolers MET MANN
Evaporative air conditioning in factory of industrial fans
The company CHAYSOL, one of the main manufacturer of industrial fans, already has its air-conditioned units with evaporative coolers of the MET MANN brand.
Evaporative air conditioning in agricultural research center
Supply of 32 evaporative coolers of 12,000m3 / h in an agricultural research center in Geneva (Switzerland)
Industrial air conditioning with hot air and adiabatic cooling
Integrated air conditioning in an industrial warehouse of 400 m2 dedicated to the electrical supply and assembly of electrical panels.
Cooling and humidity in air conditioners
MET MANN, presents a solution of cooling and supply of moisture with an extremely low energy cost in air-conditioning and air treatment units.
Drying process of forest biomassa 150 ºC
MET MANN. It has designed and developed a hot air generator 150 and a power of 150 KW for a drier forest biomass (wood chips, sawdust, etc.).
Evaporative Air Conditioning TOYOTA official dealer
Portable Evaporative Air Conditioning TOYOTA official dealership in Vic (Barcelona)
Evaporative coolers installed in disco of France
Evaporative air conditioning in hall intended cabaret shows in Bordeaux (France)
industrial air conditioning with evaporative coolers MET MANN
Weatherization warehouse dedicated to the manufacture of plastic parts in Guipúzcoa (Basque Country)
Evaporative air conditioning in plastic industry in Sant Cugat (Barcelona)
MET MANN has executed supply and install two units AD-40-V of 38,000 m3/h in an industry of plastic components in Sant Cugat (Barcelona).
Evaporative coolers MET MANN in food industry
MET MANN has made the supply of two evaporative coolers to a company dedicated to the packaging of bakery products.
Air conditioning in the plastic sector MET MANN evaporative air conditioners
MET MANN evaporative cooling has taken place in a plastic company about 1500 m2.
Air conditioning system with hot and cool air from MET MANN
We present our solution climate in winter and summer with our hot air generators and evaporative coolers.
Evaporative cooling indoor paddle with MET MANN evaporative coolers
Evaporative cooling indoor paddle with MET MANN evaporative coolers
BIMBO relies on evaporative cooling system MET MANN
The new factory production in the multinational BIMBO Azuqueca de Henares (Madrid) has been heated for 30 evaporative coolers manufactured by MET MANN that develop a total airflow of 1,553,000 m3/h.
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