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Caudal de aire


20.700 to 36.700 m3/h

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High flow wall fans for extraction and/or ventilation

This type of fans provide significant air flows for the extraction and/or ventilation of industrial, livestock or agricultural premises.

Calculation for air extraction

To calculate the m3/h necessary for air extraction depending on the premises or activity, the m3 of the premises must be calculated and the number of renovations applied based on the following table.


  • Air flow from 20.7000 m3/h to 36.700 m3/h
  • Structure and overpressure slats in galvanized steel to avoid premature corrosion.
  • Propellers made of AISI 430 BA stainless steel.
  • High quality bearings.
  • IP-55 three-phase electric motor
  • V-belts.
  • Transmission pulleys made of magnesium aluminum.
  • Engine support with tensioner.
  • Side inserts for easy transport.

Constructive details

Tensioner base transmission motor

Propeller made of AISI 430 BA stainless steel

Overpressure or automatic opening shutter



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