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Evaporative Air Conditioning TOYOTA official dealer

Portable Evaporative Air Conditioning TOYOTA official dealership in Vic (Barcelona)

Industrial portable evaporative cooler of 38.000m3 / h charge of the air conditioning of a Toyota dealership in Vic (Barcelona).

The client wanted an industrial team turn out notebook after completion of the warm seasons could disassemble and store the equipment inside their facilities.

The solution provided by MET MANN, has been supplying an evaporative cooler AD-40-VS 38,000 m3 / h equipped with transport wheels, spreading cooled air inside the room is performed with a metal diffuser 3 directions to heat the maximum area of ​​the premises.

The ductwork is equipped with a gate whose function is to close the air passage once the equipment is disassembled and thus prevent entry of cold air in winter.

MET MANN, with over 50 years experience in the manufacture of equipment for air conditioning offers all kinds of solutions.
climatizador evaporativo industrial portatil
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