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Drying processes

Met Mann
Fast Dry

We are manufacturers of hot air generators designed to cover the thermal needs in low, medium and high temperature drying processes. We also manufacture equipment for the dehydration of food products and pest control.

Procesos de secado
Procesos de secado
Procesos de secado

What do we do?

We provide solutions where a hot air system is needed for drying at low, medium and high temperatures.

We have equipment with a maximum power of 500 kW with gas or diesel operation with thermal jumps from 20 °C to 250 °C. The air supplied by the equipment can be low, medium or high pressure.

How do we work?

When we receive a project request, we collect the most relevant data and we analyse the feasibility. As soon as we are able to give a solution, we provide a project informing of the main components that we believe is necessary:


  • Heat generation
  • Ventilation unit
  • Filtering unit
  • Humidification
  • System control

Who are we adressing?

Our equipment is intended for manufacturers of drying systems, dehydration, paint booths or any type of process where a system is required for the acceleration of drying in any type of industrial or food process.


  • Drying equipment for fruit tunnels
  • Drying equipment for dehydration of food products
  • Equipment for paint booths
  • Metal surface treatment equipment
  • Equipment for drying cork stoppers
  • Disinfection and pest treatment equipment

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