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Caudal de aire


1.430 to 2.250 m3/h
Caudal de aire


18 to 28 kW
Caudal de aire

Heating capacity

385 to 600 m3
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Available fuels


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Diesel hot air boilers are a fast and efficient system for heating domestic and commercial premises.

The equipment has a soundproof compartment for the diesel burner so that its operation is as silent as possible. It also incorporates a 3-speed fan to adjust the air flow according to the heating needs of the room to be heated.

For its operation, a fuel tank, a smoke outlet and a single-phase connection socket are required.

The diffusion of hot air can be direct or with a network of ducts to direct the hot air to the different rooms to be heated.


Domestic, commercial or small workshops.


  • Completely compact and robust equipment.
  • Very quiet operation thanks to the soundproofing of the burner compartment.
  • 3-speed centrifugal fans.
  • Yield greater than 90%.
  • Exterior finish in oven-dried polyester paint.
  • Thermal insulation by air chamber and/or fiberglass.
  • Air intake filters included to avoid spreading dust in the area to be heated.
  • Electrical panel with room thermostat included.
  • Possibility of applying a network of ducts for air distribution in other rooms.

Constructive details

Burner in soundproof cabin


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