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Caudal de aire


3.300 m3/h
Caudal de aire


50 kW
Caudal de aire

Heating capacity

1.075 m3
Caudal de aire

Available fuels

diesel / natural gas / propane gas

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POOL MANN hot air generators are a perfect solution for heating closed premises where a heating system is required where the heat generating equipment must be located outside the area to be heated.

Its operation can be diesel, methane gas or propane gas and its operation is based on heating the air sucked in by the fans and driving the hot air inside the enclosure to be heated.

The main advantages over other heating systems are:

  • Reduction of acquisition and installation costs.
  • Very fast heating system.
  • The diffusion of the air can be direct or a network of ducts can be applied to channel the air in adjoining areas where the equipment has been installed.
  • Combustion efficiency of 90%.


Indoor swimming pools, event tents, warehouses, greenhouses, etc.

pool mann calefactor piscina


  • High performance combustion oven made of AISI-430 stainless steel in the areas most exposed to heat.
  • Exterior panel made of galvanized steel, lacquered in polyester powder and oven-dried.
  • Thermal insulation of the areas most exposed to heat.
  • Low noise level centrifugal fan with speed regulator.
  • IE3 high efficiency electric motor.
  • Electrical panel for control and safety according to European regulations.
  • Control thermostats (Fan/Burner/Thermal safety).
  • Hermetic room thermostat.
  • Soundproof burner compartment with combustion air intake grilles.
  • Air intake filter to prevent dust from entering the room to be heated.
  • Front hot air outlet with double deflection grille, with the possibility of applying a duct network.
  • Insulated chimney in AISI-304 stainless steel with a height of 3.3m.
    Security system to control the correct depression of the combustion chamber.


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