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Caudal de aire


4.200 to 34.500 m3/h
Caudal de aire


50 to 390 kW
Caudal de aire

Available fuels

diesel / natural gas / propane gas

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Our MM-H/W/CP hot air generators for industrial drying processes can run on diesel or gas and develop a heat output of 50 to 390 kW.

The hot air supplied to the drying process has a thermal jump from 16°C to 37°C and a large supply of air for rapid drying without altering the physical properties of the product.

For other types of drying where more temperature is required, we can carry out a specific study.

The range is made up of different models with temperature differences, air flows and pressures suitable for any type of drying.


  • MM-H Thermal head of 28-30°C with available air pressure from 110 to 270 Pa.
  • MM-W Thermal head of 28-30°C with available air pressure from 140 to 270 Pa.
  • CP Thermal head of 18-20°C and available air pressure from 160 Pa to 280 Pa.


Installation of equipment in a post-harvest drying process (fruit)

Industrial drying processes, varnish drying, paint booths, food industry, etc.









  • Completely compact and robust equipment.
  • Tubular heat exchanger with an efficiency greater than 90%.
  • Exterior finish in oven-dried polyester paint.
  • Thermal insulation by air chamber and/or fiberglass.
  • Centrifugal fan group with one or two turbines depending on the model.
  • Electrical control panel and protection according to European standards.
  • Air outlet on the left or right side depending on the needs of the installation.
  • Possibility of manufacturing customized equipment according to technical specifications (air flow, pressure, thermal jump, ATEX motors, etc.).

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