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Caudal de aire


3.300 to 45.000 m3/h
Caudal de aire


43 to 500 kW
Caudal de aire

Heating capacity

560 to 12.900 m3
Caudal de aire

Available fuels

diesel / natural gas / propane gas

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MM hot air generators are indirect heating type equipment (hot air does not mix with the flue gases) and they work totally autonomously.

They do not need additional heat dissipation elements, reducing the costs of acquisition, installation and maintenance.

Its operation is based on heating a certain air flow, through the combustion of diesel, natural gas or propane gas. This flow is sucked in and driven by the fans that the equipment incorporates and comply with the ERP 2020 regulations.

The main advantages over other heating systems are:

  • Reduction of acquisition and installation costs
  • Very fast heating system
  • Air diffusion can be direct or a duct network can be applied
  • 90% combustion efficiency


1) Hot air generator with air supply grilles

generadores de aire caliente con plenum de 4 salidas

2) Hot air generator with rotating nozzles

generador de aire caliente con bocas rotativas

3) Hot air generator with duct and rotary diffusers.

generador de aire caliente con conductos


  • High performance combustion oven made of AISI-304 or 430 stainless steel in the areas most exposed to heat
  • Exterior panel made of galvanized steel lacquered in polyester powder and oven-dried
  • Thermal insulation of the areas most exposed to heat
  • Low noise centrifugal fans
  • IE3 high efficiency electric motors
  • Control and safety electrical panel according to European regulations
  • Control Thermostats (Fan/Burner/Thermal Safety)
    room thermostat
  • Security system to control the correct depression of the combustion chamber.
  • Hot air outlet at the top, where 4-sided air outlet grilles can be installed, rotary outlets for air delivery or directly assembled to a duct network.


Constructive details

Smoke outlet and operating and safety thermostats

Heat exchanger cleaning access cover

Control and safety electrical panel with room thermostat

Air outlet mouth by duct network, plenum box with 4-way grilles or rotating mouths


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