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Evaporative cooling indoor paddle with MET MANN evaporative coolers

Evaporative cooling indoor paddle with MET MANN evaporative coolers

Evaporative cooling indoor paddle with MET MANN evaporative coolers

MET MANN evaporative coolers are an efficient, economical and ecological solution for air conditioning in hot weather, industrial, commercial and agricultural premises.

This installation has been carried out by an installation company MET MANN collaborator and her 3 teams evaporative cooling ECO COOLER models with an air flow rate of 16.000m3 / h each and exit of fresh air at the top have been installed.

Fresh air, is driven by an axial fan located inside the team and this air ductwork is channeled down to a metal diffuser that distributes air to 3 addresses in order to cover the maximum area to be heated.

Thanks to the evaporative system conditioning we can get drops in temperature of 10-12 C when temperatures are high and the low degree of humidity.


The technology used in our MET MANN evaporative coolers allows us to obtain energy savings of up to 80%, for example at this facility only has pointed 3.300W electric power.

This is achieved technology of natural cooling by evaporation of water, for operation is required of an air blower and a pump that distributes water in a chiller panels in passing the outside air giving up some heat and increasing the degree moisture.


The basic installation of an industrial evaporative air conditioner is a water from the mains, a single-phase electrical outlet or Triassic depending on the selected model and a network of ducts to direct air treated inside the enclosure to acclimatize.

Approximately installation costs are 25% cheaper than installing a traditional air conditioning system.

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