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industrial air conditioning with evaporative coolers MET MANN

Weatherization warehouse dedicated to the manufacture of plastic parts in Guipúzcoa (Basque Country)

Present the recent installation of industrial evaporative coolers in a company engaged in the manufacture of plastic parts.

In the production area, there were serious problems of heat by the ambient temperature in warm seasons more heat sources caused by the machinery itself. In these environmental conditions, fatigue of workers and production was important resented and should find an efficient and low operating costs solution.

The solution provided by MET MANN has been the supply and installation of 3 units of our axial evaporative coolers ECO COOLER 30,000 m3 / h.

Computers have been installed externally with bench support, straight conduit for introducing the air inside the room and an air diffuser 3 directions to cover the maximum surface.

The electrical total power consumed by the three teams is just 9kW representing a saving of up to 80% compared to other air conditioning systems on the other hand require operation with doors and windows closed and our system does not require these conditions since its operation is based on renovating the interior room air providing fresh natural air.

The end result has been a success, and installing more equipment arises in other production areas and neighboring companies interested in our industrial evaporative coolers.









Installation of three units ECO COOLER 30,000 m3 / h


Air diffuser 3 directions to cover the maximum area of ​​the house
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