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Evaporative air conditioning in the automotive sector


MET MANN has supplied 4 evaporative coolers of 63,000 m3 / h in a factory located in the province of Ourense.

The main activity of the company is thermal and acoustic insulation in the automotive sector and the surface treated with our equipment is 2,500 m2.

The equipment has been installed on the deck of the ship with our corresponding support bench and the diffusion of fresh air has been made through our 6-way air diffusers.

With the solution provided, the electrical consumption of the total equipment is 74 kW and the cooling element used is the water in the network.

With this solution the customer has obtained an energy saving of 80% compared to other air conditioning systems thus contributing to maintain our natural environment.

Here some images of the installation.

Phase of reception of equipment

Placement of equipment on the deck

Equipment placed on top of a support bench
General view of the 4 installed equipments
6-way air diffuser
For more information about our evaporative air conditioning systems, you can contact us at Tel. +34 93 851 15 99

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