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Smoke extractor for fireplaces - ASPIRO MANN

Smoke extractor for fireplaces - ASPIRO MANN

Smoke extractor for fireplaces - ASPIRO MANN


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The ASPIRO MANN vacuum cleaner is designed for the extraction of fumes in chimneys that do not have a correct depression and the smoke is introduced inside our house.
Its installation must be on deck and the minimum height advised with respect to the base of the fire is of 2m. The maximum temperature that can withstand the equipment is 250ºC.
In addition to the vacuum cleaner, there is a 6-speed control panel with ON-OFF function and adapters for attaching the unit to square or rectangular chimneys from 200mm to 430mm.
In the case of having a circular chimney we can supply an adapter.
- Top hat anti rain and wind painted in dark copper color.
- Single phase IP 55 170W motor.
- Fireplace adapters in galvanized steel.
- Propellers in galvanized steel.
- Anti-bird protection mesh.
- Adapter adjustable from 200mm to 430mm.
- Electrical panel ON-OFF with 6 speeds.
- 3 year warranty.
Extraction Flow (Max / Min): 2.522 / 282 m3 / h
Depressed Generation (Max / Min): 300/20 Pa
Number of speeds: 6
Maximum working temperature: 250ºC
Power Consumption (Max / Min): 170W / 29W
Electrical voltage: 230V / I / 50Hz
Sound Level (Max / Min): 59/38 dB (A)
Square fireplaces: 200mm to 430mm
Circular Fireplace: 125 to 400mm
Dimensions (Width / Bottom / Height): 430x430x600mm
Weight: 22 kg
More information at Tel. 616 48 95 30

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