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Heating industrial wood stoves 50 and 100 kW - ECO POL

Heating industrial wood stoves 50 and 100 kW - ECO POL

Heating industrial wood stoves 50 and 100 kW - ECO POL


Heating with industrial wood stoves with fan 

Heating with industrial wood stoves with fan
The ECO POL industrial wood stoves are designed for fast and efficient heating of all types of industrial, agricultural and livestock premises.
The equipment incorporates a large combustion home where firewood or woody waste is introduced, once the combustion is carried out, the gases come into contact with a heat exchanger where heat transfer occurs with the air driven by a fan. The hot air is diffused in the room to be heated, obtaining a very fast and efficient heating system.
With our industrial wood stoves, you will obtain a fast and efficient heating system, taking advantage of the woody waste produced in the manufacturing tasks (wooden pallets, wooden boxes, cardboard boxes, etc.).

We have two models that provide a heat output of 50 and 100 kW that allow heating of 300 to 600 m2.

Installation example

The installation of the equipment only requires a single-phase electrical outlet and a smoke outlet with a minimum height of 4m.



Main features:

- Yield greater than 80%.
- Made of thick steel.
- Large capacity combustion home.
- Interior of the home in refractory bricks to avoid overheating in the areas most exposed to heat.
- Household combustion grill in high temperature resistant steel.
- Shot regulator applied to the smoke outlet.
- Large ash collection drawer.
- Reversible air fan on the right or left hand side.
- Electrical voltage at 230V / I / 50Hz.
- Its constructive form greatly facilitates its maintenance and cleaning.
- Equipment with CE certificate.

Fan that allows to channel the air

ventilador estufa de leña EP

High performance heat exchanger

intercambiador de calor



Combustion home with refractory bricks

horno de combustión EP



Smoke outlet draft regulator

regulador de tiro EP


Wide ash drawer

cajón de cenizas EP



Operating video

You can watch our video of the EP-050-C wood stove


More information on Tel. +34 93 851 15 99

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Models of Heating industrial wood stoves 50 and 100 kW - ECO POL

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