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Wood stoves for industrial buildings: save in winter


If your company generates woody waste (boards, wooden pallets, chips or similar) you have an alternative at your fingertips that will enable savings of up to 90% in energy consumption through our wood stoves for MET MANN industrial buildings . In this post we will tell you all the details you need to know so that you can optimize the resources of your company and maintain a stable temperature in the winter months.

Wood heating by air: how does it work?

The wood-burning stoves that we manufacture at MET MANN consist of a thick steel incinerator with a front door to introduce the wood inside, as well as an air inlet and outlet.

The heat from the combustion of the wood increases the temperature of the air that enters from the outside through a fan placed at one end of the equipment and resulting in a hot air outlet from the opposite side. The smoke resulting from the process must be directed to a metal chimney to extract the fumes to the outside of the room.

This type of wood-burning stoves for industrial buildings have been designed from materials resistant to high temperatures, as we have mentioned before: thick steel and inside, a set of refractory bricks in the areas most exposed to heat, which avoid an overheating of the equipment.


These heating systems are increasingly used in agricultural industries, or wood and derivative industries in which large volumes of waste of this material are generated. This ensures a zero cost fuel supply for heating during the coldest months of the year, as well as a sustainable and environmentally friendly means of removing all excess material.


Advantages of using wood stoves for industrial buildings

Heating spaces as large as industrial or agricultural warehouses can be a problem for many entrepreneurs, especially if the insulation of these spaces is poor.

For this reason, it is necessary to look for an efficient and economical alternative, which allows taking advantage of all the company′s resources to lower the cost of heating. Next we will expose the main advantages of opting for these industrial wood stoves as an industrial heating system.

  • We have already mentioned it, but without a doubt energy saving is its greatest potential benefit. Only minimal electricity consumption is required to activate the air fan and woody waste, which in many cases is at zero cost.

  • Although these systems seem designed for companies that have woody waste, their use is also suitable for companies that do not generate fuel autonomously, in this case the approximate price of firewood is 12 cents per kilo, while the cost of other fuels used in equipment with a similar heating capacity is vastly superior.

  • Without losing sight of the cost savings, the outlay required for this type of facility usually involves 50% of the budgets required for similar facilities using diesel or natural gas.

  • The power of this type of heating systems for industrial buildings makes them powerful allies when it comes to heating large spaces quickly and efficiently, allowing heating areas between 300 and 600 m2 using just one device.

  • This type of equipment stands out for its great resistance and adaptability, so it can be used in industrial environments where there is presence of dust or humidity.

  • These are equipment that requires practically no maintenance and whose cleaning is very simple, as they incorporate a lower drawer that collects the ashes resulting from combustion and that can be extracted and cleaned very easily.

  • They are an ecological means of eliminating wood or woody waste that otherwise takes up a large space and must be managed carefully to avoid losing business operations. Using wood stoves for industrial buildings it is not only possible to eliminate wood, but they can also be used as fuel, cardboard, coal or other solid waste that does not harm the environment.

  • Its installation is very simple and since they are small industrial wood stoves, they do not require a large space within an industrial installation. They only need a smoke outlet and a single-phase connection to the electrical network.


Wood stoves for industrial buildings from MET MANN

At MET MANN we are experts with more than 50 years of experience in industrial heating. In our product catalog you will find solutions of all kinds adapted to different needs, environments and industries.

Among them, our ECO POL range of wood-burning stoves for industrial buildings has several equipment with different configurations and powers that will allow your company to enjoy a high-performance heating system at a very low cost. Contact us without obligation for more details.


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