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Air extraction systems for bathrooms


Despite being considered a key ventilation system, there are still those who do not know in depth the characteristics and operation of these devices. If you want to know everything about this type of system and have the necessary information to choose the best one for your bathroom, pay attention to what we tell you in the following paragraphs.

Why is it necessary to ventilate a bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the wettest spaces in any room, which means that good ventilation is essential to ensure good conditions and that the elements are not damaged. In this context it is when the air extraction systems in bathrooms become relevant, since by means of the correct ventilation of the air we manage to avoid any type of condensation and mold appearance.

In this way, there will also be no premature aging of the different elements of the bathroom: coatings, furniture, paints, electrical installations … At the same time we reduce the possibility of contracting certain diseases caused by humidity, such as asthma or eye irritations. and on the skin.

How does a bathroom exhaust system work?

An air extraction system for bathrooms is a device that allows the room to be aerated and ventilated, eliminating bad odors and mold. As if that were not enough, this device also manages to keep the walls, floors and joints in good condition by expelling the air to the outside and avoiding condensation.

They work by electric current, so they should not be placed on top of the shower or bathtub unless the distance from the floor is greater than 2.25 meters. They must also not be placed on top of the radiators to avoid heat loss, as well as next to ventilation grills that can impair the correct air circulation.

A very positive aspect of the air extraction systems in bathrooms is that they hardly need maintenance, since it is enough to periodically clean the dust accumulated in the grille and check the condition of the internal and external ducts so that it always works at full capacity.

Types of bathroom exhaust systems

The air extraction system that we are going to choose for our bathroom should be enabled to be able to function correctly in very different humidity conditions. It is also very interesting that it has little acoustic impact and high energy efficiency.

Depending on the specific needs of each room, you can choose two main types of air extraction systems for bathrooms.

Extraction system for axial or helical type baths

They are devices used mainly in direct installations to the façade or with short ducts. Helical type systems are also included in this group if they are installed next to these elements without any type of evacuation duct.

Extraction system for centrifugal-type baths

With greater power than axial type systems, this type of device is intended for those locations where it is necessary to counteract a high loss of load through the ducts and accessories due to the great lengths that cover up to the outlet.

In addition, depending on the specific type of operation of each of them, we can find different models with different characteristics:

  • Manuals: it is necessary to activate them manually by means of a switch.

  • With presence detector: they are automatically activated every time they detect movement through an infrared system.

  • Hygrostats: they include a series of sensors that operate the air extraction system according to the amount of humidity present in the environment. The device activates when the humidity level exceeds a previously established threshold and stops when that threshold falls.

  • Con temporizador: se mantienen activos únicamente durante el tiempo necesario para renovar el aire, apagándose automáticamente después.


How to choose the most suitable bathroom extraction system

To guarantee proper ventilation by the air extraction system in any bathroom, the exhaust flow must be ten times greater than the volume of air in the room. At this point, you are surely wondering the following: how is that volume of air calculated? The answer is very simple: you just have to multiply the height by the length and height of the room.

As for the power required, this will always be according to the size of the bathroom. As a general rule, the power of a bathroom extraction system usually ranges between 8 W and 35 W depending on its size, the flow it absorbs and the place of installation.

Another aspect to take into account is the noise, both the one that comes directly from the extractor and the vibrations produced by the motor. Obviously, the larger the size of the bathroom exhaust system, the greater the noise they will generate. That is why it is recommended to install systems in which the engine is supported by silent-blocks, a technology that achieves a notable reduction in noise and therefore a wide improvement in comfort.

Improves ventilation with an air extraction system for bathrooms

The correct ventilation of the bathrooms is essential to improve the comfort of any room, by eliminating odors that can spread to the rest of the house or establishment, generating great discomfort. The special characteristics of this room make the installation of air extraction systems for bathrooms almost essential to achieve optimal comfort conditions.

At Met Mann, we have a wide range of bathroom extractors and ventilation and extraction systems from the prestigious German manufacturer Helios Ventilatoren.


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