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Optimising the post-harvest process in Australia


We are pleased to share the successful implementation of a post-harvest drying system in Australia, where a hot air generator manufactured by MET MANN has been used.

Specifically, a horizontal hot air generator model MM-120-H with a nominal power of 133 kW/h and an air flow rate of 11,500 m3/h has been supplied, equipped with a gas-oil burner model ECO-15-2 from the manufacturer Lamborghini Caloreclima.

This first shipment to Australia represents a significant step towards gaining access to a leading global fruit exporter. Australia exports a variety of fruits, including grapes, apples, pears, kiwis, mangoes and citrus fruits.

Export destinations span different regions, with some of its main markets being Asia, the Middle East and North America.

With more than 50 years of experience, MET MANN excels in the manufacture of hot air generators specifically designed for post-harvest drying processes, ensuring optimum performance and maximum efficiency in the process.

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