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Are air curtains effective?


Well, all the studies carried out have shown that by means of an efficient installation of these systems, we manage to air-condition the entrance of the room to the same level as the rest of the space, keeping it at a pleasant temperature and without entering bad odors, insects or bacteria of any kind. type that can pollute the environment.

Below we explain in more depth the reasons why air curtains are effective and why you should install one already in your business. Let′s start!

What do air curtains consist of and how do they work?

Air curtains are an air conditioning system that releases a jet of air creating an invisible barrier between inside and outside. They contribute to generating comfortable spaces by reducing air currents and regulating the interior temperature, managing to separate two different environments efficiently and without suppressing access to people. As if that were not enough, they also allow optimizing energy efficiency and energy consumption. Are you beginning to understand why air curtains are effective?

These air conditioning units have a grille through which air enters, which subsequently passes through fans installed inside and direct it towards the exit. They can operate continuously, either being operated manually or remotely via a remote. In addition, there are also models that have sensors that detect the opening of the door and operate the curtain.


Reasons why to use air curtains

If you still do not know first-hand the performance of these air conditioning devices, then we will tell you the main reasons why air curtains are so effective. A series of reasons that make this system an ideal air conditioning mode for your business.

– They guarantee comfort within the establishment of customers and workers, helping them to carry out their work in a much more pleasant environment and thus increasing their productivity. Regardless of the date of the year in which we find ourselves, a suitable climate is created and annoying air currents are avoided.

– The energy losses derived from the conditioning of the space and the improvement of the thermal conditions are reduced. With its installation, you will reduce maintenance costs while reducing CO2 emissions.

– They make it possible for you to keep the door of your business open, thus encouraging the influx of people to your premises and expanding the possibilities of increasing the number of sales.

– You manage to increase the useful space of the entrance to the premises, without having to install a hall. Another point in favor is that the business door can be used as a showcase, increasing the visibility of the interior.

– It acts as a barrier against the possible entry of dust, fumes, bad odors and all kinds of suspended particles, without forgetting possible pests and insects.

– Access to the premises is facilitated for people with reduced mobility, who have to use a wheelchair or who have to carry a baby carriage.

– Unlike other air conditioning equipment, its operation is very quiet so it will not generate noise pollution.

Find the most efficient air curtain

Depending on its technical characteristics, we can find two main types of air curtains:

Air recirculation curtains

They are the most efficient air systems, since the air is expelled and collected to return through the curtain. The negative side is that they have a higher cost due to their complexity.

Non-recirculation curtains

They are very easy to install and maintain air curtains correctly. Its cost is lower and in this case they expel air into the environment.

In addition, to get the maximum performance and effectiveness from the air curtains, you must take into account different aspects that may affect its operation:

– Door dimensions: if you want to make sure that your air curtain is fully effective, you should know that its size has to be wider than the door it is going to cover to guarantee total control of the air intake. There must also be enough space to place the air curtain as close to the door as possible.

– Environmental circumstances: the effectiveness of air curtains is also altered by external factors such as temperature and air speed outside. For this reason, it is necessary to use more power in those places where large cold air currents are more frequent, while the power will be less in areas with warmer temperatures.

– Installation height: the equipment must emit air at a speed strong enough to cover the entire height and width of the door of the establishment.

Install air curtains with MET MANN

If after reading this article they ask you again about whether air curtains are effective, we believe that this time your answer will be very clear: absolutely yes. This system is a perfect solution to solve the air conditioning problems of all types of commercial premises, managing to create a space where the ideal air conditioning conditions are met for both employees and customers.

If you still do not have this system, at MET MANN we advise you to find the best air curtains for your business. Get in touch with our professional team and ask for your budget. We will take care of everything necessary for your installation.