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Evaporative air conditioning in MERCABARNA


Evaporative air conditioning in

Evaporative air conditioning is, as we have mentioned in many other posts, a clean and sustainable alternative to create climate. So much so that recently an icon of the food industry in our country such as Mercabarna has decided to bet on this innovative and efficient way of air conditioning the facilities of its organic market.

Do you want to know how the process has been? We′ll tell you then.

Why would MERCABARNA bet on MET MANN′s evaporative air conditioning?

MERCABARNA is a business hub dedicated to the food industry, already consolidated as one of the main fresh food wholesale markets in Europe. Concentrating more than 700 companies in its premises, it specializes in the distribution, processing and import and export of fresh and frozen food.

Due to its characteristics, many of its warehouses require very powerful air conditioning systems that guarantee the freshness and quality of the product that is managed there.

In recent years, MERCABARNA has made the leap towards sustainability and, among many other actions, has launched its Biomarket, the first fresh food wholesale market in our country.

Within this commitment to sustainability, choosing an evaporative air conditioning system that allows you to adjust the temperature of your facilities in an environmentally friendly way makes perfect sense.

What are the evaporative air conditioning equipment that Mercabarna has chosen for its facilities?

At MET MANN we manufacture air conditioning solutions for all kinds of needs, among which we can find the AD series evaporative coolers.

Through our collaborating clients, the installation company AIR-MONT Instalaciones has been in charge of the installation and commissioning of several units of the AD-15-H model.

These equipments allow to handle an air flow of up to 15,000 m3 / h guaranteeing a constant and efficient cooling. Its outer structure is built with very resistant materials based on thick polyamides, which allows these equipment to be outdoors and resist inclement weather without any problem.

For the rest of the components, first quality materials are used that guarantee a long useful life for the equipment. Materials such as galvanized steel for the fans or stainless steel with AISI-304 quality allow these equipment to work safely and without the need for expensive equipment maintenance.

The equipment in this series includes an automatic emptying system as well as a component that allows the system to continuously drain the water to avoid high concentrations of mineral salts in the tank.

But the most interesting thing about these equipment is its high performance and its great energy saving capacity. The value of creating climate and conditioning large spaces without affecting high energy consumption or using elements that can be potentially harmful to the environment is, without a doubt, the main reason why MERCABARNA has chosen these models.


MET MANN, experts in evaporative cooling

In our company we have been providing personalized solutions for companies in terms of professional air conditioning for years. 


We are experts in air conditioning and evaporative cooling and we have a wide catalog to respond to the needs of any type of industry. If you need any type of information, have doubts about how to air-condition your company or are interested in any of our products, our sales team will be happy to know your case, study it and offer you a personalized solution so that heat or cold does not become a problem again. problem in your business.

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