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How to heat an industrial warehouse


Unlike what happens in a private home or in a smaller office, in these buildings an air conditioning system is needed that is powerful enough to provide a suitable working environment for all employees. In this context, it is when heat generators become relevant as a solution to heat an industrial warehouse.

How to heat an industrial warehouse: what you should know

When heating an industrial warehouse, it is very important to know the conditions of the workspace to install the appropriate system, with special emphasis on its size.

According to the established calculations, it is estimated that a power of 10,000 Kcal / h is necessary for a working space of about 200-250 m³, for a temperature differential of 20ºC and for normal insulation. Although this is the general rule, these values may vary depending on the temperature differential and the insulation of the room.

In general, these are the main determining factors that influence when deciding which is the best option to heat an industrial warehouse:

-Measures of the room.
-External temperature.
-Wished temperature.
-Insulation type.

What is the best option to heat an industrial warehouse economically?

There are different systems to heat an industrial warehouse and the choice of one or the other will depend on many factors, not only the economic one. Despite this, we are undoubtedly facing one of the most influential aspects when making a decision, since it can mean very high energy consumption and unsustainable spending over time if the most appropriate method is not chosen.

Today there are many solutions appropriate to each need and space, so it is much easier for the businessman to find the most efficient system to heat an industrial warehouse with minimal economic cost. In fact, the choice of one method of air conditioning or another can mean up to 60% savings, certainly an amount to be taken into account.

Systems to heat a ship: which is more efficient?

As we have just commented, we can currently find different systems on the market to heat a workplace or a warehouse. Therefore, it is important to know what needs we want to satisfy before choosing one option or the other, thus ensuring that we select the best and most efficient option in each case.

Next, we review the main heating systems available depending on their characteristics and their energy source:

Electric heaters

Also known as industrial stoves, these types of generators use electricity as their energy source. With high efficiency and suitable for use both outdoors and indoors, they provide fast, clean and safe heat. A great advantage over other systems to heat an industrial warehouse is its comfort, since we do not have to worry about filling the tank. In addition, it is very respectful with the environment and since it does not emit gases, it can be installed in spaces without ventilation. On the contrary, the biggest disadvantage is that by means of electricity consumption we do not get as many Kcal as with diesel generators.

Its operation is very simple and in addition to heating industrial warehouses, they are usually used on construction sites. And is that being a portable system, they offer an ideal solution to emergency situations that may occur at a certain time.

Combustion heaters

They are characterized by having gas or diesel as the main source of energy. Depending on its characteristics, two types can be distinguished:

● Direct combustion: with great heat production, these are highly efficient devices commonly used as temporary heating or for drying surfaces. It works excellently in open, well-ventilated spaces, as well as on construction sites or outdoor structures.

● Indirect combustion: they are designed to work in closed or poorly ventilated installations and where there is a large influx of people, providing good, smoke-free and 100% dry heating. For this reason, they are a great option to heat an industrial warehouse in which many workers live.

The heaters for diesel consumption are those that provide us with a greater heat output, reaching 473,000 Kcal. This makes them the best way to heat a large warehouse.

How to discover the most efficient system to heat an industrial

In order to determine which is the best way to heat an industrial warehouse, we must pay attention to several aspects that will condition our decision. And it is that depending on the characteristics of the space or the needs of air conditioning, our final decision may be modified. For this reason, pay attention to the main factors to consider:

-Correctly determines the heat output based on the desired temperature and the volume to be heated.

-Take into account if you need to heat an industrial warehouse in which there are people or animals. If so, direct combustion is not the best option.

-Keep in mind that if you choose an electric heater, you will need to have an electrical connection for it to work. However, combustion heaters operate autonomously with minimal electrical consumption.
-Analyze if, in addition to the air conditioning, you need other utilities such as surface drying. If this is your case, then we advise you to choose direct combustion diesel heaters.

Heating an industrial warehouse with MET MANN

Choosing the right system to heat an industrial warehouse is a very important decision within a company, since achieving an optimal temperature level is essential to increase the productivity of workers and of the industrial processes themselves.

After more than 60 years of work, at MET MANN we have established ourselves as one of the leading companies in air conditioning, offering the best and most advanced equipment for optimum performance in any industrial sector. Our work team will help you find the best solution to the needs of your workplace or your industrial warehouse. Ask us!

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