DT 500 – Ceiling heat recovery fan of 7.200 m3/h

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Technical data

Ceiling fan for the recovery of hot air stratified in the ceiling and obtain an energy saving of 30%.

  • Airflow: 7,200 m3/h
  • Available pressure: 38 Pa
  • Sound level: 52 dB (A)
  • Surface treated: 230 m2
  • Installation Height (Min / Max): 5.0 / 9.0m
  • Distance between fan and ceiling: 0.25m
  • Fan speed: 900 rpm
  • Electrical power: 360W (1.90 A)
  • Electrical voltage: 230V/I/50Hz

Main features

  • Energy saving up to 40%.
  • Single-phase electric motor directly coupled to the axial fan.
  • Double deflection air drive grille with adjustable fins.
  • Adjustable thermostat 0-40ºC installed in the equipment to start and stop the fan once a temperature higher than 40ºC is detected.
  • Uniform diffusion of the heat with a difference of temperature of 0,15ºC per meter of height.
  •  Use of free heat provided by heat-generating equipment.
    Acceleration of the air renewals reducing the concentration of fumes and odors.
  • In summer we can get a ventilation of the premises.


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