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What hot air generators are and how they work: Fast and efficient heating


Hot air generators are equipment intended for heating any type of premises where a fast and efficient heating system is required.


Its operation is based on carrying out combustion in a home and the gases produced pass through a heat exchanger where heat transfer is carried out with the air driven by a fan.

Operating scheme


The hot air is distributed in the room to be heated, achieving comfortable comfort temperatures and extremely quickly compared to other heating systems.


This system is completely autonomous and does not require heat dissipating elements, such as radiators, fan coils, etc. This is a great advantage because the installation and maintenance costs are much lower.


For the distribution of air you can choose different options:

  – Direct air delivery system with rotary grilles or discharge nozzles

  – Air supply system with ducts to direct the air in areas where heating is required.

Installation examples



The fuels used by hot air generators can be: diesel, natural gas, propane gas, woody waste, pellet

Installation needs

– Single phase or three phase power supply according to the model.
– Fuel tank or gas connection.
– Fireplace to evacuate combustion gases outside the enclosure.
– Air supply ducts if you want to heat more than one room.


Advantages obtained with the use of hot air generators

– Fast and homogeneous heating
– Decreases ambient humidity
– Very low repair and maintenance costs.
– Very low acquisition and installation prices.
– It can be used as ventilation in summer.


Calculation of heat output

To perform an approximate calculation of the heat output follow the instructions below:



The importance of installing ceiling fans to recover heat

For premises with a height greater than 4m it is recommended to install ceiling fans to recover stratified air and in turn homogenize the temperature.

With the use of these fans, savings of up to 30% in fuel and electricity consumption of the installed equipment are achieved. In addition, a ventilation system will be available in hot stations.

Main applications

Hot air generators can be used in any type of industrial, commercial, agricultural or livestock installation, as well as being widely used equipment in low and high temperature drying processes.


Product range

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