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3D Video – Examples of industrial air conditioning installation


Installation examples of our evaporative air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems with hot air generators
We present a new video with 3D drawings of the different evaporative air conditioning systems, stale air extraction, large-format fans and a heating system with hot air generators.

MET MANN evaporative coolers │ Fresh and Natural Air

We have a wide range of evaporative air conditioners of our own manufacture that develop 5,360 m3 / h to 65,000 m3 / h of air flow, with a minimum pressure of 100 Pa at maximum flow, this is achieved thanks to the centrifugal fan group that all our Evaporative air conditioners as standard and that allow air to be diffused through air diffusers or ducts.
The quality, performance and durability standards of our equipment are much higher than the vast majority of equipment on the market, where they incorporate axial fans with a high noise level and little or no pressure available as well as electronic components that in industrial applications tend to give many problems. reliability.
Evaporative air conditioners can be used in any type of industrial, commercial, agricultural or livestock premises, providing a constant breeze of fresh air as well as continuous renewal of the indoor air, being a recommended air conditioning system to avoid the transmission of COVID-19.


Industrial extractors │ Silent air extraction

Our range of HELIX MANN and HELIX BOX MANN extractors are the perfect solution to extract hot and / or stale air in all types of industrial, agricultural or livestock premises.
Their high air extraction at low speed make these units a perfect solution in places where an extraction system is required with a low noise level and a reduced air speed.
Its installation can be wall or roof.


HVLS ceiling fans │ Air volume at low rpm

Large format ceiling fans are an ideal system to ventilate large surfaces in summer and recover stratified hot air on the ceiling in winter, these fans are fully compatible with other air conditioning systems such as evaporative air conditioners or air generators. hot.
Their combination makes it possible to homogenize the temperature throughout the premises to be air conditioned and obtain significant savings in energy consumption from air conditioning equipment.
We have a range of ceiling fans from 1.4m to 7m in diameter to cover any type of commercial, industrial, agricultural or livestock premises.


Hot air generators │ Fast and efficient heating

Hot air generators are a fast, efficient and low-cost heating system to be able to satisfy the heating needs of any type of industrial, commercial and even domestic premises.
Its main virtue is that of reaching comfortable temperatures in a very short time unlike other heating systems, another very important factor is the homogenization of the temperature throughout the surface to be heated.
Its operation can be diesel, gas or pellet and does not require heat dissipating elements such as water heaters, fan coils, etc.



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