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How to choose a ceiling fan?


Thinking of buying a ceiling fan and want to know which one is best for you? Today we tell you everything you need to know so that you do not fail in your purchase.

Which ceiling fan to choose

When making the decision about which ceiling fan to choose, we have to take into account different aspects. Below we review the main elements to consider:


The width of the space where it is going to be installed is very important when choosing the ceiling fan, since each one will have characteristics that make it work better or worse depending on the surface. A fan that is too big or small will not perform its function properly, so you should select the measures of the diameter of the blades according to the number of square meters in the room. As a general rule, these are the measures by which you can be guided:
  • In rooms of less than 12 m2, a 760 – 920 mm blade diameter fan will be required.
  • In rooms between 12 and 20 m2, a 1050 – 1220 mm blade diameter fan will be required.
  • In rooms of more than 20 m2, a fan between 1270 – 1820 mm in blade diameter will be required.

Ceiling height and tilt

Height is another aspect that you should take into account when installing a ceiling fan. For safety reasons, it is recommended to install it at a minimum distance of 2.1 meters in height between the ground and the position of the fan blades.

In the event that you have a ceiling at different heights, you should choose a model that adapts to the inclination and in which the blades are not too long, since these could hit it.

On / off control

There are several types of ceiling fans depending on their on and off mode:

  • With switch on the wall: In these models, you just have to activate a switch placed on the wall to turn the fan on or off.
  • With chain:They are a very common type of apparatus, which are controlled by chains hanging from the center of the fan.
  • With remote control: It is the most comfortable option of all, since you do not need to move to turn the device on or off, and can even control the power and speed of the blades.

Shovel design

Another very important factor that you must take into account is the style of your fan, since it has to be in keeping with the rest of your room. Today there are multiple options to choose from, a wide collection of fans where you can find the style you are looking for: modern, classic, children′s, etc …

The materials are very diverse, ranging from fans with transparent blades for those who want an appliance that goes unnoticed, to wood finishes for those who prefer a more rustic design.

Winter or summer position

Who said that ceiling fans only work for summer? In addition to giving us a feeling of freshness in the hottest seasons, they also help improve heating efficiency in winter. When activating the winter position, the blades rotate clockwise, causing cold air to rise and leaving heat below.

With this information you can now choose the most suitable ceiling fan for you. At MET MANN we have a wide variety of fans for all types of spaces. Get in touch with us and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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